Value of Back Lighting in Cosmetics Product Photography


A lot of people make an effort to shoot their items themselves. Even though it is a very important thing to complete, they actually do not have the experience needed to get a good picture. Amateur cosmetic photography too on account of lack of skill can leave an absence inside a good picture. Decade of know-how is a good teacher than just some photography tutorials. That’s in which a professional photography agency like EtherArts Product Photography will come in to picture. This is exactly what is necessary and also a professional photography gear and several knowledge of Lights and Reflections. In this post, we’ll share some light on the reflective Cosmetics product photography – Liquid Cosmetics in particular and what include the most important factors that you need to take note of for a successful photograph.

Cosmetic and makeup photography – lighting in product still life photos

Lighting the merchandise takes the majority of the photographers attention. Every photographer will make efforts to light the merchandise up appropriately. Some exceed this to light it a lot the product gets overexposed and it is beaten up within the pictures. Such images are poor photography. A good and experienced photographer will pay awareness of illuminating the merchandise along with something called backlighting. Backlighting essentially means lighting the rear element of the product Or perhaps the background from the product. To accomplish this it is crucial to pay attention to the below mentioned areas of the item.

Product Nature- Most important is the nature with the product to get photographed. Solid products differ a great deal than the liquid containing cosmetic products. Hence we must be mindful while choosing the correct set up.

Background- Very often, Ecommerce photography requires white background. Amazon needs a seamless white background for all their listings. This is the mandatory requirement. To acquire this white background, lots of photographers have a tendency to use extreme bright lights or work with a high camera Aperture number. This results in the product getting ‘white-washed’ and practically disappears into the light. The contrasts are low along with the edges in the products look foggy. For Aroma Oil cosmetics photography, all we’d like is simply the necessary amount of light in the background to acquire exactly the correct quantity of seamless white. So be cautious while trying to find the white background. A photo-editing software will probably be useful in clearing what’s left with the greyish-whitish background.

BackLighting- Amateur photographers focus less on lighting. They feel that this daylight (sunlight) is the best environment to shoot products in. But they are mistaken. Studio Daylights will vary. Use Daylight (white light) bulbs to the lighting. A dark room is a must for product photography. This allows the photographer to manage lights if required, mostly with regards to the form of technique is shot. For Aroma Oil Cosmetics Photography particularly, try using a minimal strength daylight bulb like a backlight. This gently illuminates the liquid within the glass containers creating the most enhanced look. The yellow or colored oil starts showing a great color into it, rather than a black or transparent liquid. This brings out the colors in the oils giving them the required wow key to the photograph.

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