The Benefits of Using a Cutting-Off Machine


Cut-off machines are powerful tools that are used to cut metals, concrete, masonry, or other materials. They may be electric or pneumatic. Some are hand-held. They are also known as chop saws, abrasive saws, or masonry saws. The blades are either made of an abrasive material or a metal. Using a cutting-off machine is a great way to save money and time.

Pneumatic cutting-off machines are ideal for variable-length materials. In addition to the rising blade, these machines include an electronic pusher and a planetary gearbox. This combination gives them a rapid cycle, a high degree of power, and maximum accuracy. These machines are suitable for both single-section and multi-section cutting.

Pneumatic cutting-off machines come in six different optimized configurations. The first option includes a hydropneumatic feed unit that is controlled with a rotary knob. Aside from the benefits of an automated wheel feed, this feature helps improve the working environment and ensures a smooth and reliable process.

Another option is a single-head rising blade cutting-off machine. It includes a 450, 500, or 550 mm cemented carbide blade. Moreover, this model can be equipped with 20deg/90deg/130deg tilting. This type of machine can be easily transported and provides maximum versatility.

In contrast to abrasive cutting disc cutting-off machines, a pipe cutter is capable of cutting both channels and round bars. Ctter grinder This is achieved by lowering the rotatable cutting disc through an enlarged slot on the top surface of the housing. With the cutting disc in the lowered position, the metal cuttings tend to build up and bridge a hole. However, this can interfere with the effective operation of the machine.

Among other improved cut-off machines, the OPTI PLUS option is especially recommended. Not only does this function eliminate defects, but it also increases productivity and guarantees total optimization. For instance, it marks the cuttings with fluorescent gypsum.

Safety is a vital consideration for any power tool. It is crucial to protect the eyes, nose, and throat. Wearing safety goggles and a mask is highly recommended. Likewise, a face shield is helpful in case the machine’s dust collection system is not efficient.

Other safety measures are adjustable length stop and vernier scale, as well as a kicker. This is particularly beneficial for abrasive cut-off machines. By blocking the upward movement of the cutting disc, the safety of the operator is significantly increased.

In the OPTI PLUS model, the safety of the operator is further enhanced by a sign detection function. Unlike previous versions, this machine is completely enclosed during operation. Thus, it can prevent hot sparks from escaping and substantially reduce the noise level. Besides, it eliminates the danger of flying particles.

The OPTI PLUS model is the last pneumatic cutting-off machine. In fact, it is the most versatile. With a high-quality motor and a sturdy construction, it can handle a variety of materials. From abrasive metals to concrete, it can take on a wide range of applications.

As with any other power tool, it is important to use safety equipment when operating a cutting-off machine. However, this may seem unnecessary when a mask or safety goggles can suffice.

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