What Is Ipe Wood?


What is Ipe wood? Well, its popularity has only grown over the last several years and it has an almost limitless range of uses in today’s modern homes.

Ipe wood is primarily sourced from Indonesia. And like many other types of wood, this timber has been used for making numerous items over the ages. Some examples of these items include flooring, doors, windows, furniture, siding, carvings, furniture and even artwork.

Ipe wood is more expensive than other varieties of wood, due to the fact that it is harvested by hand. It also takes much longer to harvest, being formed from the growth of a single tree. It is mostly harvested as a large trunk to be used for crafting.

IIP is a very hard and dense material, which accounts for the high price of IIP. This material can be obtained from less dense species, and as such is considered to be more valuable. The reason why this material is valued so highly is because it can resist rust, water damage, fire, etc.

Many outdoor items are made from IIP timber. For example, you can find floors, carvings, siding, fencing, buildings, stairs, etc. Some more examples are, a home security system, a fence, and a shed.

If you have an item made from IIP wood, it is important to remember that there is a great deal of care and maintenance that needs to be done. I have seen people throw away perfectly good wood because they assume that it was made from IIP wood.

The reasons for a person using a product that is heavily made up of IIP timber is due to the fact that it is available from the various varieties of IIP. Even though the characteristics of each variety will vary, the strength and durability will all be similar.

If you are considering using a product made from Ipe Woods, it is important to remember that they can not be cut or laminated. You will need to prepare the wood prior to using it. As such, it is important to first decide on the type of wood you wish to use, and then learn about its characteristics.

Ipe Sustainably Harvested Wood Decking

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