The Vitality CBD

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Vitality Health cbd oil products fortified with BioPrime™™ nanoparticle delivery technology are up to 100X more bioavailable over rival CBD products. All of Vitality Health CBD products derive from non-GMO organic hemp grown on a Vitality Hemp farm close to you.

Vitality CBD provides a varied lineup of premium CBD products such as our patent pending LifeElixir™ complete spectrum CBD tincture collection. Blends by Vitality™ targeted delivery CBD for anxiety, pain and inflammation and sleep related ailments. VitaLife-H2O™ water soluble CBD concentrate, our exclusive SeaCream™ OceanEnhanced™ CBD topical salve, superior 100% VG CBD organic e Juice, complete spectrum CBD oil extracts, 99.9percent pure CBD Isolate, VitaLife™ BioEnhanced CBD distillate and premium organic non-GMO hemp protein powder and cold press hemp oil.

In addition to our own CBD products lineup, Vitality CBD also provides turn key personal label CBD and wholesale CBD opportunities for those seeking to launch and/or boost their existing CBD brand! Check out our Enhanced by Vitality™ top notch partners.