Crush It on Amazon With Great Product Photography

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Want to get more clicks & conversions on your own Amazon listings? Upgrade your amazon photography product with your guidelines.

Main Image

The principle image is the very first thing customers see. Since it sounds like the thumbnail image when a shopper searches for something, this picture will settle if the consumer even clicks on your listing. It is important who’s compares on the competition!

Amazon has strict standards for the main image. Here is a steps involved:

– Should be edited to experience a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255).
– Must retain the full product, in support of the product or service. No confusing additional objects.
– Have to be a professional-quality image: in focus, two color, and well-lit. No dark, grainy, or blurry images.
– Must fill 85% of frame or even more.
– No additional text, graphics, or inset images.

Those rules can be challenging to help keep an eye on, however it is essential to do this. If your main photo is just not around Amazon’s standards, your listing could possibly be suspended, squandering your lots of time, stress, and funds!

Beyond that, It is suggested shooting the item from straight on-no weird angles. Ensure that the lights are brilliant looking which the item appears in keeping with color from the photo. Have a look at the competition, if possible. Imitate the photos that look and carry out the best on Amazon. Also, pretend you’re the customer. Which listings make you wish to click? How could you arrange the merchandise to really make it look its best?

Supporting Images

The supporting images count, too! I propose adding 5 to 8 photos that showcase the product in another way. Here are some tips so you can get the best from your supporting images:

Show the Scale-Supporting images allow you to use backgrounds or another objects in order to showcase the dimensions and scale with the product. Think everyday living and where/when/how your product or service will be used. Whether or not this requires snow – find snow! Should it use a car? Setting off towards the garage. One of several easiest activities to do is actually ask a person to hold it while you have a picture. Hands are a great way to show scale.

For instance, I just needed to photograph a finger brace with lots of confusing straps and Velcro pieces. First of all, the item simply didn’t photograph well on its own-it just looked like a jumbled pile of Velcro. Plus, it absolutely was difficult to work out how the brace fit onto help. That photo shoot definitely required a hand model, both to really make the product look great and inform consumers on the way to utilize it.

Use Informational Graphics-Though graphics of any kind are prohibited in the key image of an Amazon listing, you’re able to rely on them in your subsequent images. You may use text and arrows to point out the options and making use of your product and show its exact dimensions. You can also add badges (including “Quality Guaranteed” or “BPA Free”) that i highly suggest doing.

Find some good Close-ups-This is particularly important when the product has many of detail or perhaps interesting surface finish. Texture, quality, and splendid materials all take advantage of clean, clear, close-ups!

Make use of a Model-Not every product takes a model, in my estimation – 99.9% needs to have one. The .01% of listings I am letting free involve clear poly bags, and also that’s a stretch. It is my professional opinion that many product listing advantages of a single. Your model may be a child, adult, or animal. Consumers can put themselves to the model’s shoes and picture themselves with your product. This sort of psychology immediately increases conversion. I would recommend using realistic models since you want to showcase the product, not the individual. So, don’t be concerned folks who wants afford a glamorous supermodel, your girlfriend, grandmother, husband, or neighbor across town is going to do perfectly

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